This should be a picture featuring Charlie.

The history of Design Corps actually goes back to 1991, when Professor Charles Goslin taught the class. Back then, students — including a young Michael Kelly — did not interact with clients, instead dealing just with Charlie, who then presented final designs. Quoted in an article by Michael for the Institute's newspaper, Charlie summed up the Design Corps philosophy: "Just because people don't have money to pay; that's not a reason to give them less. It's a reason to give them more." 

In 2005, Michael and colleague David Frisco took over the reigns of Design Corps, directing students who now acted more as a firm, interacting with clients and vendors, while learning not only the joy of giving back, but also the rigor of dealing with clients in a demanding but creative environment.

2008 found the class expanding to include an elective option, thereby allowing Junior-level Communications Design students to receive an early introduction to the class.

Now Design Corps is stronger than ever. Client applications have doubled in recent years and the class' reputation has spread through the good word of over 40 satisfied clients and 110 alumni, ensuring that the class' message of giving back will endure.