Ideas That Matter

Design Corps Receives Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant

Design Corps was named as one of 27 recipients of a Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant. The $15,000 award will fund an identity and graphic presence for Design Corps, to include business papers, a brochure, advertising and a web site, as well as photo documentation of the class. 

Since 1999, Sappi has been awarding the grants "to recognize and support designers who generously donate their time and talent to a wide range of charitable activities." 

Design Corps launches new website

You are looking at the new Design Corps web site, long planned and sweated over. Designed by David and Michael, built by This Looks Nice and funded by a Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant, the new site is intended to not only display the work of outstanding students and non-profits, but to streamline the application process for all interested parties. We hope you enjoy the show.

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